VIDEO: Keyshia Cole Disappointed In Mary J Blige


Keyshia Cole sat down with this past week to talk about her new album as well as voiced her opinion on what she felt the god mother other of rnb Mary J Blige was lacking…..

In her one on one interview Keyshia Cole talked about her new album and how she was planning to bring back hurt and pain into her music.  She stated that, that wasn’t were she was in her life as she was completely happy but felt it was her duty to release songs that “helps them get over relationships of people that are doing no good”.  She has decided to work with mostly writers who could put her in that head space and help her deliver those emotions through her music, to the fans.

“Writing this new album, I brought a couple of song writers on and decided to collaborate with a few because the girls wanted to hear some more…not ‘angry’ but ‘I’m done with the foolishness’ type of songs. So I figured that if I bring somebody on that are experiencing some of things, then I could always go back to a place where I’ve been hurt before, bring my ideas to the table. But I wanted to work with other song writers for this album. I feel like the songs are for the fans anyway. What makes them happy is to have music that helps them get over a relationship that are doing them no good, then I’m totally for it.”

She also took the time to voice her opinion on what responsibilities she felt Mary J Blige did not take.   As per she stated:

I’m very happy to have been compared to such a wonderful woman, a strong woman. The only thing that I would’ve changed, that I am now here to do for those that come after me, is to lend a helping hand. I feel that even if it’s not me saying I’m gonna record with you, I’m gonna work with you or let’s go hang out or anything like that; we don’t have to be friends, but at the end of the day, being able to give advice or help somebody that is coming under you is an amazing gift to be able to have. I wish I would have had that from Mary, but I’m not Mary, I’m a different person and if K-Michelle ever call me or anybody for that matter, for advice, I would absolutely give it to them.

Not having the greatest mother figure to support her through her life we can fully understand where Keyshia is coming from and it is a responsibility as adults to cultivate our youth and the same with the musical pioneers.


  1. BLAH! Just cause Mary hasnt reached out to KEYSHIA (which she actually had some years ago) doesnt mean she doesnt reach out (which she has to many other younger artists). I think cause there are so many comparisons between the 2 of them, Keyshia thinks she is OWED that. No mam.

  2. Why does the post say Keyshia is dissapointed in Mary???? No where on the video does she say that!! Thats how rumors and problems start…smh!


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