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[VIDEO] Kim K Talks Marrying Kanye West On ‘The View’

The View had Kim Kardashian stop by the show earlier this week. She talked about her body insecurity, lessons in love with NBA player Kris Humphries, her changes in life and what her future with Kanye West is looking like.  Kim stated during the interview,

“I’m such a different person today,” she told the ABC chatefest. “I care more about the simple things. You really figure out what’s important in life.”

Check inside for full interview.

The View cast was eager to speak on Kim’s relationship with Kanye West. She did make it clear that she is ‘technically‘ still married to Kris Humphries without using his name. She believes that her and Kanye are the perfect match.

Kim and Kanye have been dating for about 6 months now. They have known each other for well over 10 years. The couple seems to be really in love and it is beyond that “publicity stunt” point. Wish the best for the celebrity couple!

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