VIDEO: Lamar Odom Attacks Paparazzi



Lamar Odom is taking a cue from his future brother-in-law Kanye West he smashed the paparazzi, their camera, their car, and let them know he don’t appreciate their existence.

Check out the exclusive video after the break!

What is really going on with Lamar Odom? We expect these violent tantrums from Kanye but Lamar? The big homie went all domestic violent yesterday on 2 paparazzi doing their job. The incident was rather violent and captured on film for the world to see. The big homie not only chump the paparazzi off but he damaged their equipment by throwing it in the middle of the street.


Could there be trouble in paradise? Word in these streets is that Lamar has been caking another broad that’s not  Khloe Kardashian. Is his home life going up in flames? Is he misdirecting his anger to the poor cameramen? Dude why are you so ANGRY? You never been mad before! We think he’s having problems with wifey. The paparazzi is doing their job; you signed up for this life when you married into the Kardashian gang.

The cameraman has filed a police report for vandalism.

Looks like Kanye West is an influence on the entire family

Stay tuned for this ongoing saga.

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Source via: TMZ.

Photos: Instagram.


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