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Video: Lebron James, Dwayne Wade & Miami Heat To The White House

LeBron James and Dwayne Wade and the entire Miami Heat NBA basketball team took a trip to the White House. They even gave President Barack Obama a jersey. Check out video inside.



The entire Miami Heat team got to have a congratulatory handshake from Barack Obama for winning the NBA Championship!! Monday the President welcomed the team to the White House, the team honored Obama with a Miami jersey.



LeBron walked up to the mic and said:

“On behalf of myself and my teammates,” James said, “we just want to thank you for the hospitality, for allowing us to be, I mean, in the White House. I mean, we’re in the White House! I mean, we’re kids from Chicago and Dallas, Texas, and Michigan and Ohio and South Dakota — Miami. And we’re in the White House right now. This is like, ‘Hey, Mama, I made it!'”


Obama spoke about being a father:

“I don’t know all these guys,” he said. “But I do know LeBron and Dwyane and Chris. And one of the things I’m proudest of is that they take their roles as fathers seriously. And for all the young men out there who are looking up to them all the time, for them to see somebody who cares about their kids and is there for them day in and day out, that’s a good message to send. It’s a positive message to send, and we’re very proud of them for that.”

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