Video: Lisa from ‘Saved By the Bell’ Bipolar Accusation


We all remember the television show when we were growing up ‘Saved By the Bell,’ well the beloved Lisa Turtle real name, Lark Voorhies, is claiming her mother is full of it. She is claiming she is NOT bipolar, no matter what her mother is saying.

According to video by TMZ, Lark’s mother recently told People magazine that her daughter has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Lark told TMZ that her mother’s report is ‘comical.’
The video below is a bit ‘weird.’  Lark can’t really even complete a thought, takes long pauses and is there such thing as speaking run on sentences?!

“The particular trade editorial [presumably People] and I are not in agreement, however. It’s so far left from what was actually atrast [???] or brought about.”

Watch full video below

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