Video: Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 Episode 11: “Mistake At The Lake”



A weekend getaway at a lake house goes wild for Kirk and Benzino, Joseline reveals her expectations regarding Stevie, Drew sets out to lure Traci back, and Scrappy has some tough news to break to his family. Check the recap and the video inside…

A lot went down on the last episode of our favorite reality soap opera Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Here are the highlights:


Mimi and K. Michelle made amends finally. Mimi urged K. to just let her go through her struggle, but continue to support her. When K. asked how things were with Nikko, Mimi responded with “he’s on ice.” And K. had a praise break.



Scrappy has to face the music and turn himself into jail as a warrant has been issued for his arrest. This comes at the worst of times as it happens around his daughter Emani’s birthday. Erica realizes she’ll have to play both Mommy and Daddy again and steps to Scrappy to basically tell him this is it, he needs to get his ish together. Scrap knows he’s messed up, and says he will be the one to tell Emani that he has to go on a “vacation” for a while.


Drew realizes Traci has moved on and has no sign of coming back as he meets her new boo. He decides the best thing to do is clown her new boyfriend and try his best to get Traci back on Team Drew. Yeah, that didn’t work so well. He even tried to lay nice sloppy kiss on Traci later as they met up for lunch, but Traci pulled a bob-and-weave move and ducked that incoming kiss!

lahhs2e11-freddyo-missjaye5Joseline has had enough of being seen as Stevie J’s side chick and demands to be visibly put in the number one spot. Stevie says she’s got the title, so what else does she need? Joseline wants commitment…and a ring. Engagement, anyone?


And just what kind of ratchet behavior did Kirk engage in while at the lake house with buddy Benzino? Check out what went down below. All we can say is it involves strippers, liquor, and a hot tub. Good times.

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