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Video: Love & Hip Hop New York Season 4 Trailer


Love & Hip Hop New York Season 4 is right around the corner and by the looks of the trailer it’s full of ratchetness, tomfoolery, and our home girl K. Michelle has made herself home among the cast.

Check it out below.

Man Love & Hip Hop 4 is coming back for its fourth season and it looks like a doozy!

Check out the dramatic trailer below:

Ok,  “Love and Hip Hop New York” aint got nothing on my ATL homies but I am looking forward to it. The 33 second trailer shows some real interesting things.

Erica Mena is in LOVE with a woman this season. Are we surprised?

Peter Gunz and his wife is joining the cast of characters and by the looks of the clip; they don’t seem too happy. Do we really care about Peter Gunz his marital situation? I guess we will this season….

Tahiry is still longing for Joe Budden. Joe Budden seems to still have a thing for Tahiry and whoever hair is in his bed. Are we really surprised by Joe having an ACE/side piece in his back pocket? Are we surprised by this on again off again dysfuncitional couple? Not really…..

Yandy Smith is doing the mommy thing hopefully there’s some good news for her and Mendeecees. The baby is too cute and he looks heavy as she tote him up all those steps!

Our home girl K. Michelle moves to New York and she is already giving career advice. Are we surprised by that? Nope not really!

What was really shocking is the missing cast members of Love & Hip Hop New York. There’s no mention of the following characters, Rasheeda Ali, Raqi Thunda, Olivia, Jen and Consequence, Lore’l and Winter Ramos.

Honestly do we miss them? I will be honest not really. Guess time will tell.

What do you think?

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