VIDEO: Ludacris ATTACKED Inside Atlanta Nightclub



Last night at Prive Nightclub in Atlanta a man allegedly attacked the big homie rapper Ludacris. Mediatakeout reported that an unknown man walked up to Luda in VIP as he sat surrounded by a crew of security and attacked the big homie with a Lousi XIV bottle. The story is that Luda took a whack to the head.


Luda quickly let us know that he was not hit in the face at all although people around him did get into a altercation. We are relieved to know that the big homie is ok and well. Rumors can get out of hand at times. There was a fight and there was some issues but Ludacris face and head is ok!


Word is that Luda owed the unknown man some money over beats . . . and dude decided to CONFRONT LUDA in the club about it. But he actually ain’t confront anyone he got stomped by Luda’s crew.


According to the account Luda recovered from the crack to the head and participated in the beat down. We tend to believe Luda’s version of the story instead but this makes for a great story. “I was hit in the head with a bottle and stilled whooped some a**” is the stuff of legends. LOL!


Whatever happened we do know that the security came in and handled dude properly and thoroughly. It should be interesting to see how all this plays out. Don’t take our word for it check out the pictures and the video below.






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