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VIDEO: Meek Mill Apologizes to Nicki Minaj for Twitter Rant about Drake!


Meek Mill did the mature thing and apologized to Nicki Minaj for his Twitter rant over rapper Drake! It seems he had a change of heart about what he said, and wanted Nicki and the world to know.

Check out the details below!

Meek Mill and Drake

Rapper Meek Mill made a very public apology to his beaux Nicki Minaj over his recent comments about fellow rapper Drake! Yesterday Meek decided to have an “Anti-Drake” session on his Twitter page. Of course it sent #BlackTwitter into a frenzy and the topic “MeekbeLike” was born!


Meek named dropped and said that other rappers in the industry. However, after a few back and forths between Meek and twitterlings, he finally went silent! Now, you know he is on tour with his girl Nicki. And Nicki is apart of the same camp as Drake. So, one cannot help but wonder what she said to him behind closed doors or if the “Dreams and Nightmares” artist really just realized he was wrong for the way he went about it. Well, whatever it was…he apologized.

Check out Meek Mill’s apology below:

The last couple of days on Twitter was CRAZY! Like you missing 1 minute was equal to you missing school and a fire breaks out, Queen Bey shows up, and 6 fights break out in ONE! I am happy Meek decided to be an adult and apologize. Especially since the person Meek was beefin’ with is apart of his beaux’s camp. What are your thoughts? Comment below!

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