Video: Mona Scott-Young Discuss LOVE & HIP HOP


Boss Lady Mona Scott-Young made an appearance at the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's premiere party at Ultra Cream Lounge.
Mona Scott-Young sat down with Big Tigger to discuss Love & Hip Hop and it’s love and hate relationship with its audience. Mona Scott-Young is candid about her ideas about reality tv, stereotypes, and the impact reality television is having on Black America.

Check out the video below.

Mona Scott-Young sat down with the homie Big Tigger to discuss her reality show and defend its brand and it’s cast of dynamic characters. Mona Scott-Young says there are 2 types of viewers when it comes to Love & Hip Hop. The first kind of viewer understands that the cast are just people sharing their experiences and enjoy it for what it is. The second kind of viewer are a little more judgmental. This second set is not looking at the show as a lens into the lives of the cast but as an opportunity to judge.

According to Mona Scott-Young, Love & Hip Hop are not representative of all black people. Love & Hip Hop don’t represent her. She encourage people who have a problem with the series to support shows that are more wholesome. She concluded her interview by saying that Love & Hip Hop is bashed for its content but they are able to stay in business because of hight ratings and the interest in the show. Somebody out there is digging it for sure!

Why are you mad at Love & Hip Hop but continue to watch?

Things to make you go “HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!”

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Story spotted at V-103.


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