VIDEO: Mos Def Undergoes Force Feeding to Show the Treatment of Hunger-Strikers at Guantanamo Bay



The homie Mos Def now Yasiin Bey is doing his part to bring attention to bring attention to the treatment of detainees at Guantanamo Bay by undergoing FORCE FEEDING.

The video is VERY GRAPHIC! Viewer Discretion is advised.

Mos Def is in partnership with the organization Reprieve U.K., decided to take part in a short video that shows him undergoing the procedure for force feeding. Many prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp experience this sort of treatment everyday. The video is meant to bring attention to the treatment of detainees who are participating in a hunger strike. Wearing an orange prison jumpsuit, the rapper is shackled and strapped into a chair.

A tube is then inserted into his nose, however, the rapper puts a halt to the procedure before it can be completed. Yasiin Bey then breaks down and cries after the procedure is called off.

Earlier this year, Yasiin Bey lent his voice to a public service announcement opposing the New York Police Department’s controversial “Stop-and-Frisk” policy.


Mos Def is definitely very BRAVE.

I always thought FORCE FEEDING involved a big burly man or woman forcing oatmeal down your throat. Who knew that force feeding was so barbaric!

This video is definitely an eye opener.

Tell us what you think about Mos Def attempting to be force-fed to bring awareness to the poor souls at Guantanamo Bay?

Leave your comments below.

Picture via: Instagram.


  1. As a Muslim this video made me cry and broke my heart! Most of those being detained are Muslim and are only being detained because of their religious beliefs! Islam has been marked as a religion of terrorism when that is not Islam at all. It’s funny because it is Christian’s that scream this the loudest and the most yet they forget how barbaric and murderous the Christian Crusades were in the name of religion! How “Christisns have destroyed Native Anericans and enslaved Africans in the name of religion. How American Hate groups like the Klu Klux Klan murder and terrorize in the name of religion. The difference is their bad apples haven’t convicted the whole religion. The sad part of this all is because they are Muslims no one cares what’s is happening to them and feels they are getting just what they deserve!


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