[VIDEO] Obama Formally Accepts Presidential Nomination At DNC


After two amazing speeches by Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton earlier this week, Barrack Obama spoke yesterday and captured the hearts and minds of everyone at the Democratic National Convention finale.  He also formally accepted the nomination for President.  He addressed many issues that have been plaguing his campaign for presidency that he stated he planned to remedy if given another term.

Obama knowing that one of the major strikes he has against him and what might hold him back from a second term is the state unemployment, as it is now at 8.3 percent eased some worries with some solutions. abcnews.com gathered this quote:

‘I’ll use the money we’re no longer spending on war to pay down our debt and put more people back to work, rebuilding roads and bridges, schools and runways. After two wars that have cost us thousands of lives and over a trillion dollars, it’s time to do some nation-building right here at home.’

He compared the state of the economy now to that of the great depression, and himself to FDR saying that it would take time to remove ourselves from the slum that we are in and a change of government rather than the persistence of one with one goal in mind, the American people.

As per eurweb.com the president’s speech was the final act of a pair of highly scripted national political conventions in as many weeks, and the opening salvo of a two-month drive toward Election Day that pits Obama against Republican rival Mitt Romney. The contest is close for the White House in a dreary season of economic struggle for millions.

For the full speech watch this:

In other news Michelle Obama spoke the night before about her husband and the great man that he is.  As well as telling the world that she was with him when he had “holes in his car”, showing her support for him even when the times were not as good.


If you missed it here was Michelle’s speech the night before, here it is:


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