Video : Obama PSA During Jay Z’s ‘Made in America’ Concert


Jay Z has always been very influential in the music and Hip-Hop world and now he is lending a hand to the president by sharing, or exposing his audience and fan-base with a public service announcement during his ‘Made in America’ concert. Obama also admits that he likes Jay Z’s music and oftem listens to it on his ipod. This is what thejasminebrand reports regarding the PSA.

Concert-goers and folk that watched online, were surprised when they peeped a cameo from President Barack Obama during Jay-Z’s ‘Made In America’ festival set. Right after performing “Public Service Announcement”, a prerecorded video with the President appeared on the jumbotron. Obama started off his message saying

“Thank you Jay-Z for letting me crash your show,”

and then urged the crowd to vote this fall. He also said Jay-Z’s story is “what Made In America means” and added that he enjoys listening to the rapper’s music on his iPod. Peep a clip of PLOTUS’s PSA.


Make sure you vote this fall for the presidential election. Check out Obama’s PSA video below.


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