Full VIDEO : Planet Fitness Gym Bans Lil Boosie After Gay Rant


Boosie BadAzz facing real-word repercussions for his transphobic rant against Dwyane Wade and his 12-year-old child, Zaya.

BET reports earlier this week, Boosie found himself at the center of controversey after he uploaded a video to his Instagram page where he condemned the former NBA superstar for supporting his transgender daughter, who previously idenitifed as Zion. Consequently, Boosie claims he was denied service at a Planet Fitness located in Jonesboro, Georgia due to his inflammatory comments and blasted the gym via social media.

“Manager who was gay refused to let me [in] planet fitness because of my past actions on social media about gender,” Boosie wrote in all-caps on his Instagram page on Thursday (Feb. 20). He also shared the address of the Planet Fitness location in question. Boosie continued his tirade in an accompanying video filmed from his car where he accused the gym’s manager of being racist towards him.

“Do not go to Planet Fitness. They racist. They haters. They just put me out of Planet Fitness ‘cause of what I said about Dwyane Wade’s son,” he claimed. He added that the manager seemed to be further upset with him after the Baton Rouge rapper insulted one of the employees. “They [sic] championing Dwyane Wade’s son, so don’t go to Planet Fitness no more. Nobody goes to Planet Fitness — they got roaches in that b**tch.”


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