Video: Sean Kingston Chooses Not to Drive Drunk



Sean Kingston can thank TMZ for helping him to make a sound decision about not driving under the influence.

Check it out!

Sean Kingston was leaving a party when he was approached by TMZ. As the cameramen chatted him up about various news; Sean Kingston made the decision to hand over his car keys. He said that,

TMZ was not going to catch him slipping or doing a DUI. Kudos to the big homie for being responsible. Check it out:

Kingston was leaving the Playhouse a night club in Hollywood around 2 am after a night of partying. He had planned to drive his Bentley but after realizing TMZ was there he quickly hopped out of the car. He says,

“This is what TMZ wants to catch — they want to catch a DUI!” Kingston says. “NOT ME!!!”

To funny! Sean Kingston is hilarious and smart. We are so glad he came to a sound decision.

What do you think about the video?

Do you think TMZ would have spun the story about the homie drinking and driving?

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Source: TMZ.


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