Video: Swizz Beatz Talks Taxes, New Mansion & Music With The Breakfast Club


This morning Swizz Beatz joined Power 105’s The Breakfast Club to catch them up on his new happenings from new music projects to his personal finances and he definitely didn’t hold anything back….

Swizz got a chance to go in depth with a lot of topics and rumors that have been floating around in the media such as his finances, music coming from the Ruff Ryders camp, and why he has decided not to release another album.

He specifically touched on things like his financial issues that have been spreading around:

“I’m dealing with a different type of business now. I would usually let it ride…I wanted to over-ride it. I don’t have nothing to hide. Sometimes you got to, do it (prove). I’m not gonna say I ain’t never have tax problems, as you get older you know how to maintain your funds, maintain your business. It’s like you have to know how to graduate those things. When you doing business, everybody knows everything. I have to be responsible, anyway.”


Him and his wife purchasing Eddie Murphy’s mansion:

 “Yeah its true”

The update on a new Swizz Beatz album:

“I’m just having moments, I’m having memorable moments. I don’t wanna do an album anymore. I’m going hard with it. You can see it in the movie theater, you can see it in the cabs, the AMA. I just wanna go hard with it as a beta test.”


See the full interview here:

Also check out his new video Everyday Birthday feat Chris Brown and Ludacris:


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