VIDEO: Tevin Campbell Sing “Can We Talk” : New Album “Back to Love”


R & B singer Tevin Campbell 35 rose to fame in the early 90′s with his double platinum selling album “I’m Ready” when he was only 16 years old. When I was growing up every lil boy would sing to the girl he love, “Can we talk” which was one of the biggest R&B hits song in 1993 which is featured below. Straightfromthea reports to date, “I’m Ready” has been Tevin’s biggest selling album and many considered this album to be the pinnacle of his career.

With big names associated with with the project like Babyface, Johnny Gil and Prince, who was credited on the album as Paisley Park, Tevin’s 1st album turned out to be his most recognizable.

Check out Tevin singing  and letting us know he still has it as he sings his hit song almost 20 years later below…

The homies over at MTO report a few years ago Tevin made plans to make is big comeback after his contract with the play “Hairspray” was over but it never happen. His still unreleased album has already been recorded and is waiting to be published.

Although the title isn’t official, rumor that it will be titled “Back to Love.” Tevin looks a lot healthier now and more like himself.

It was also confirmed that Tevin had been in a serious relationship with a female under study who was in the play “Hairspray.”

Looks like Tevin is doing good. Its obvious he’s made some changes, so make sure yall PLEASE support him, he needs it.


  1. Yes!!!! Tevin is a very talented and real R&B singer. I am waiting for someone to sign him again. I bet they have a hit.

    Yes…he can make a come back with the right song.

    Go Tevin!!!!!! God’s Luck!

  2. I have always said that Tevin Campbell is one of the best in R&B. I don’t understand why he wasn’t given another chance. Sure he has gotten older but he can clearly SING…

    Matched with a great producer and a great song. He’ll be back on top.

    He is clearly up there with Trey Songs, Ne-Yo, Bruno Mars…etc

    When he came out for the awards show a few years ago. Everyone in my house was like he still has it….
    So yes…he should come back and he looks GREAT…..


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