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VIDEO: Zendaya Claims She was Racially Profiled at Vons


Zendaya claims she was racially profiled at a Vons! She went into buy a large supply of gift cards; however, the sales associate refused to help her. The actress immediately took to her Snapchat to let her fans know of the uncomfortable encounter and how things MUST change!

Check out the details below!

Actress/singer Zendaya took to her Snapchat to inform fans she was racially profiled in Vons on Tuesday night! She went in to purchase $400 worth of gift cards, but what happened next to turned her shopping trip into a nightmare.

Apparently, the rude associate did not believe Zendaya had enough to purchase the products. She even had the nerve to throw her wallet to the side! Talk about a blood-boiler! Luckily, our favorite Disney star did not react, but simply waited for the manager to assist her and left. What’s the best way to let a business know about their self? SOCIAL MEDIA!

Check out Zendaya’s Snapchat video:

We’re happy she was able to get the gift cards and that she held her composure. What are your thoughts on the incident?

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