Waiting To Exhale Film Sequel In The Works Starring Whitney Houston



I have to say I was so happy after finding out that Twentieth Century Fox is developing the movie “Getting to Happy”, the recently released sequel to Waiting to Exhale. The book catches up with the four women in Waiting to Exhale 15 years later.

Word on the street says they are going to use the original stars of Waiting to Exhale. Wendy Williams said on her show she heard Whitney Houston, was in negotiations for her part. I also reached out to my people and found out that Loretta Devine got her paper work and wants to do the film, no word on Angela Bassett, and Lela Rachon.


  1. Well if you read waiting to exhale then you would know that the movie wasn’t faithful to the book. I’ve read getting to happy and , it’s not bad. That is why you have a person who writes a script and develops a screenplay for the movie from the book.,

    We have so few positive AA stories that this would be a pleasure and an aside from the Tyler Perry coonergy. I say bring it on and I’d like to see the entire cast back including whitney.

  2. I did read Waiting to Exhale and getting to Happy doesn’t come close to Waiting to Exhale. Dialogue w/o the book dragged. It just didn’t hold my interest*shrug*


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