Waka Flocka Get Into A Fight At Shoe Store



A few minutes ago, I received a phone call from my homeboy who was at Walter’s shoe store in downtown Atlanta. He called me because he heard gun shots FIRED and witnessed two males fighting. Apparently Waka Flocka, who was in the store shopping was approached by a man and everything went downhill from there; someone alerted the unidentified man of Waka’s whereabouts..

Story has it that Waka Flocka  and the man had been beefing since an altercation that happened in Miami a few months ago. The Man wanted to get it popping… and that’s what he did. After a tussle and fight throughout the entire Walter’s store, with customers, gunfire rang out. In the end The Unidentified man left the store while Waka was left with a bloody nose. Last month, someone tried to rob Waka and left him wounded. I hate it for Waka Flocka because he can’t seem to get a break… he was in the store minding his business when he was attacked… Just to let you all know, after the altercation, Waka still finished his purchase… I guess nothing was going to keep him from his shoes. I was told this was not going to be the end.


  1. Man, these cats need to grow up. Get this money$. I guess we have anohter 2pac and Biggie. F*** the drama. I guess its cool since they knuckled up.

  2. Squash this Shizzle. Dude just got shot. Dang If you see this waku . F the drama. One life to live. Enjoy it. believe me I am from STL where we have alot of wanna be gang bangers. Fool getting kill over cell phone and bag of weed. CHURCH

  3. Fukk that Flocka, Come get me maine!!! I’ll put sum’n in these BITYCH NI$$AS WORLD!!! “RING THE ALARM FLOCKA!!

  4. yeah this is some gang bang shizzle. waka got his hat cocked to the right. Peace, Love and Hair Grease. Merry Christmas!

  5. These dudes get lucky by being able to catch a break and make some legal money…and all the wanna do is act like a NIGGA from the streets..follow me on twitter simplysexxy

  6. Freddy,

    That’s not the story I read earlier!! Not sure what/who made u change ur story, but I hope the nigga catch a violation;) He did some dumb shit and now he worried about PO seeing it. That’s okay Freddy, even tho u recanted ur story, I understand and this Oakland chick will still slide by ur site. Oh yeah Mr. Pulls, SR re posted the story anyway. Now punk her!!!! Lol.. #Dumbasscriminals.. #jeezymustbeproud

  7. Why did you let them make you change your post…fuck them niggas who does that shit in a store? But them on blast for that…whoever it may be. On a side note I live in Missouri and Waka Flocka is that nigga round here! His music bumps on 103.3 ona reg. And his shit is coming up outta all the systems round here. I ain’t never heard of that otha nigga he was a bitch for that..he could’ve caught the man outside!

  8. Man, why did you recant your statement? Are you scared? Slick Pulla’s people got you shook?

  9. They dont tell you how Waka was kickin Pulla’s ass outside and cryin to the police ” He started it !!!”

  10. Don’t be scared of that dude… My homeboy in ATL told me Pulla got his ass beat… So Waka still getting $$$ while his ass getting shit

  11. They never fought outside. SP left when Waka was picking his eye off the floor. Get off Wakas nuts because he on the radio. They need to let this shit go, and somebody tell Cedric Zellars to please go away, he making us look bad.

  12. man yall hatin ass niggas needa leave FLOCKA alone…he aint do shit but make some real trap shit for us to bump so stop all dat hatin HATERZ….i been tellin ppl FLOCKA is a thugg ass nigga lol and dis confirms it lol

  13. Mane Waka Kum get ya boy 4rm dat bad azz Mississippi and send a hit out on dat P***y Nigga head …………Mane you know this Shyt still HIT SQUAD……YOU KNOW IF YOU YELL IT DEN ITS GOING DOWN


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