Waka Flocka’s concert cancelled due to shooting at UNC



Reported from TMZ:

Waka Flocka Flame is no longer performing at a free concert for students at UNC Charlotte … the show’s canceled following a deadly shooting on campus. 



Waka was scheduled to perform Tuesday night at Jerry Richardson Stadium on campus, but the concert just got scrapped. The University remains on lockdown after 2 people were shot dead and 4 others were injured in the shooting.




There seems to be a lot of pressure at ” Mr. O Let’s Do It”, shows, because earlier in February Officials at the University of Northern Iowa pulled non-student tickets to the upcoming Waka Flocka Flame show, citing “potential gang members” may be in attendance.


Despite all the pandemonium Waka Flocka says he is praying for all of his fans and supporters and hopes every one is safe and okay.


Saweetie and Next Town Down were also scheduled to perform at the free show. We are waiting for updates on this developing story.


Besides music, the recently married Waka Flocka can be seen on WeTV on his show Waka and Tammy Tie The Knot, I’m sure you will witness another side to the gangster rapper.


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