OMG!!! Did You Hear What Waka Flocka Did?



Is it just me, or is nobody interested in celebrating Waka Flocka’s hit single “No Hands” featuring Roscoe Dash & Wale going gold.  I thought that it would be BIG Hip Hop news when a southern underdog, that had very low sales expectations from pretty much everyone in the industry (and those pretending to be in it) sells more than 500,000 digital singles. 

I am really amazed, that in a world where sales numbers matter so much in conversation, no one has come forward to congratulate the southern underdog.  I personally haven’t seen an artist in Waka’s lane of Hip Hop perform this well with a digital single.  Of course, we can assume that it could have been the help of teeny bopper rapper Roscoe Dash and Hip Hop blog favorite Wale that gave this single the digital push that it needed.  It can also be said, that because Waka Flocka does not have the respect of those people that listen to “real Hip Hop” no one felt like they needed to talk about it. 

From my (THAT RETAIL CHICK) perspective, where sales always matter, “No Hands” being a gold digital single is BIG NEWS.  I believe this is a momentous occasion in HIP HOP that should be celebrated or at least mentioned by folks that report music news.  It’s their job to seek out what’s happening and tell us something great, something important like this in addition to the mug shots, the viral videos, the mixtapes, party pics, and magazine covers.   

So, congratulations to Waka Flocka on selling 662,551 digital copies of his hit single “No Hands” featuring Roscoe Dash & Wale.  THAT’S GOLD BABY!!! Make sure you hit him up on twitter @WakaFlocka1017 and tell him congrats!

FYI – By the end of this week, “Black & Yellow” by Wiz Khalifa will be a gold digital single as well.  I wanted you to know just in case people forget to mention that too.  But for some reason, I don’t think they’ll miss that one.

Happy Selling,

That Retail Chick

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  1. these awful artists only do well with digi downloads what r u talking about? nobody should EVER by a waka flocka album and nobody celebrates because it’s sad that more then 5 people would buy this. And that is counting his immediate family so cut it out your a hip hop website act like it.

  2. In more important news … iFarted. No really. It was good. Bare-assed in my wife’s face. Even better, I could make out what she was saying in response. I can’t make out what Wack-ass is saying in his normal voice. Did you see this fool on 106 & Park fumble through the discussion regarding education and him possibly gettin’ his GED? I wouldn’t buy this fool a vowel. Real HIP HOP cats can be understood. The only reason to rewind this fool’s music is to make out what he’s saying, not to learn the lyrics cuz it’s a hot song. Sorry Retail Chick, you like a dayum idiot for mentioning this nigra and HIP HOP in the same paragraph. He’s barely a rapper. Get real!


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