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Watch: Brian Williams RAPS Snoop’s Classic Anthem “Gin & Juice”



The homie Brian Williams of NBC’s Nightly News have some unknown flavor and some added street cred as he showcase his rapping skills by covering Snoop’s classic anthem about Gin & Juice.

Check it out below.
Yo yo yo! Don’t get too excited Brian Williams is not a rapping reporter but the homie Fallon made it look like Brian Williams had some street flair. The Tonight show along with the help of Fallon’s overactive imagination pieced together several different clips of Williams reporting the news to look like he’s rapping the Snoop Dogg classic, “Gin and Juice.”

The rapping reporter get a little help from his field reporters like the Today‘s Natalie Morales and weekend Today’s Lester Holt, along with NBC News’ chief foreign correspondent, Richard Engel who was stationed in some far off land.

LOL that is some crazy ish no matter if Snoop is saying it or Brian Williams the fact remains the same,

With my mind on my money/And my money on my mind!


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