WATCH : Iyanla Vanzant, Fix My Life – Evelyn Lozada [PART 1]


Last night OWN TV was poppin when it came to TV drama,  after they aired the Evelyn interview that everyone been waiting to watch. “Evelyn married NFL player Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. Just after the wedding, Iyanla Vanzant traveled to Miami to get to the heart of their very public relationship. When Iyanla arrived, she found only Evelyn, who opens up about her greatest fears, her marriage and the shame she felt when her stepdaughters saw her behavior on television. With Iyanla’s tough love—and talks with her mother and stepdaughters—Evelyn starts down the path to finding out who she really is. “


  1. Iyanla makes me want to cry….she’s REALLY good…it’s sad to see Evelyn cry though…it’s crazy because ALL this was going on before she accused him of headbutting her…this was a cry for help..but unfortunately some women feel like they can change a person. This is the most common mistake people make when it comes to relationships…I hope she grows and matures into being the woman God has designed her to be, so she can live a happy and fulfilled life.

  2. Evelyn, I’m proud of you for owning your mistakes and trying to get to a better place! I completely understand your position. I used to be that type of angry woman. I didn’t have a medium either. I didn’t know how to be mad and handle myself maturely. I was angry at everybody and I couldn’t handle it if I felt like ANYONE was trying to get over on me or “play me”. Thankfully, God has helped me to change. He showed me how much negativity I brought into my OWN life and how I could fix it. Today, I’m a happy, positive person. I know Evelyn, that you can become that too!! Kudos to you for your self-improvement!!! You DESERVE for someone to pat you on the back and SUPPORT you through this process. God bless you.

  3. I most certainly have no sympathy for Evelyn. She’s a bully and a hot mess and I’m quite sure there are people out there that want to say “I told you so.” I can’t imagine what she thought she had to offer that will change a man’s ways. I hate to say this but I feel no compassion for her!

  4. she knew chad johnson wasnt shit but she wanted desperately to be a celebrity wife and she let him do whatever. i knew she wasn’t about anything when she met chad online then flew to meet him for sex. evelyn is a ho and she got treated as such. everyone knew this wasn’t going to last. her own friend Jennifer tried to tell her and she turned on her and tried to fight her on television. nope, not feeling sorry for her. in fact, chad should have hit her harder.

  5. This story wasn’t about another reality TV celeb. It was about a miracle. Not a scripted miracle. But the miracle of childhood pain and fear exposing itself and letting love touch it, hold it, rock it. I watched as two souls merged forgetting about the cameras, image, ratings, and careers. Now that is REALITY TV! God’s TV. Something I’ve never seen on the box before. But I recognized the miracle. And the light. And it guided me in my own work.
    Thank you Iyanla and Evelyn.


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