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If you missed last night’s Love and Hip Hop, then you missed a great thing. We all know that Chrissy was having a rather difficult time with her boyfriend Jim Jones. Despite all of this, he finally proposed to her and the entire scene goes emotional. Watch videos and photos inside.From the record, Chrissy first bought Jim Jones a ring and proposed to him. He accepted at first but he lost the ring just a few months later. She bought him another ring. But she herself didn’t have a ring. He also appeared not to be too careful about his relationship so last night, Chrissy told him directly that she wanted him to be more present in their relationship and more emotionally available. She also said that she has started to feel like she needs some time away. She then took a girl’s party in Miami and started thinking whether or not he should move on from the relationship.

But Jim Jones appeared at the party freaking Chrissy out. While she started blaming him for being crazy and showing up in Miami like a “f*cktard,” Jim told her that he’s about to show her how crazy he is before pulling out a ring box to propose to Chrissy.

And then, Chrissy got emotional and burst into tears. Watch video of this below:

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And here’s another YouTube version of the video:

What do you think? Sweet or odd?

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  1. uhh was something wrong with his knee, dang did he want her to put it on her own finger. ODDDDD to the O.D.! I dig chrissy though but wouldnt care about a ring these days, lets make that wedding date homie then we talking

  2. Go Jim! Chrissy is crazy but I love her and Jim together. Jim needs Chrissy… She keeps him straight. Good luck to them. I hope they make it down the isle and give mama Jones some grandchildren ha ha

  3. I luv Jim and Chrissy’s love it reminds me of Love & Basketball. Its real and you can feel it whenever you watch them.

  4. Kinda pathetic and desperate for a woman to BEG a man to marry her.. when u pressure a man to marry u he will only be unhappy and cheat eventually.. stop forcing men into marriage that dont wanna be married smh

  5. See its females like her that make dudes now days think that it is okay to not get down on one knee. or open doors for women or even go that extra mile for a women. Yeah its 2010 but i mean damn?? we loosing humanity, sincerity and chivalry in 2012 too?? damn what the hell we got to look for? NOT A DAMN THING NOW….bitches wanna pay for first dates and shit and wanna take care of a man when he aint at least home being a stay at home dad or something….im starting to think females like bummy dudes now or men that are less than a man ya know? this shit make me sick….even though im 19 im not vet but i mean damn?? really no knee?? that shit wasnt heart felt he was pushed to do that. That nigga aint stupid, deaf or blind…he knew from the jump that she was a ride or die…..he just was scared of commitment…and whats the saying “close mouth dont get fed” right? she shoulda been left…this is my thing I would never bring up marriage to another nigga unless he speak of it first….. Imma stop here cuz i got so much to say….i should make a youtube video cuz this is some str8 FUCKERY!! and all these nieve female talking about WHOOO GOOO JUMMY AND CHIRSSY…psssh jimmy can kiss all 42 inches of my caramel ass damn it!!

  6. @raegreat #preach!!!! The devil is a lie! Bitches got these niggas all fukd he cudnt even get on his knee n dis bitch got on hers! If she like it i love it tho! Wedding ??? She waited 7years fa d ring how long its gon take ta get him down d aisle! ????

  7. Never would, or will I beg a man to marry me, NO SIR, NOT ME! And he couldn’t get on one knee??? He might as well had threw the damn thing at her desperate ass, she would’ve still been just as content…..

  8. I say I love jim and chrissy but did you see oliva what’s going on like she waiteing on something bad to happen that’s why she don’t have a record deal cause she is messy all day


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