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WATCH Livin Lozada Season 1 Episode 6

7DPyoSoOn last weeks episode(Aug 15)  of Livin Lozada Evelyn’s long time friend (whom she met through Chad) comes to visit her and meet baby Leo for the first time. While he is in town, Evelyn decides that she wants to revisit a very tragic moment in her past. She visits her storage unit and uncovers the wedding dress that she in fact married Chad in. Evelyn decides that she wants to give the dress away to a bride that needs it, but before she does that she has the dress prayed over because she wants to get rid of any negative energy that may be surrounding the dress.

In other news, Shaniece’s prototypes for her swimline are almost done. Once she receives them and tries them on, they aren’t quite what she expected. With her deadline only a few weeks away, she begins to worry that maybe she bit off a bit more than she could chew and is worried about disappointing her fans with the launch of the suits. Because Shaniece is unsure of what to do, she seeks Evelyn’s advice, but quickly became annoyed with Evelyn because she felt as if she could have better handled it. <!–more–

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