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WATCH : ‘ Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ – Episode 5 Recap #LHHATL

Things got crazy on the 5 episode if vh1’s hit realilty show love and Hip Hop ATL. VH1 gave a full recap of what happen on last night episode check out part of it below ….

“After the big brawl between Stevie J, Scrappy, Erica and Joseline, Erica keeps her promise by meeting with Joseline to talk it out. Erica jumps right in asking Joseline about her accusations that she’d slept with Stevie J. Joseline apologizes.


“So you telling me this whole altercation went down because you confusing me with another b—h?” Erica says in her confessional. Actually, the whole altercation went down because Erica tattled on Stevie for disrespecting her.


Although the two were able to sit down to talk face-to-face as women, Erica wasn’t happy with Joseline’s apology. “I still don’t like you just on the strength of what you did,” Erica told her. Eventually Joseline left after seeing the conversation wasn’t going anywhere.

Joseline’s pregnancy was the proverbial final straw for Mimi. To prove she’s moving on she’s packed all of Stevie’s stuff. “The bottom line is as long as he keeps f—in’ with Joseline, I’m not f—in’ with him. Period,” she tells Ariane.


But don’t be confused. She admittedly still loves him and would rather work it out. Ariane is not moved by Mimi’s speech. “I just know you. I know your a— will fall victim to the manipulation,” said Ariane. Mimi jokingly teases her bff for not having any faith in her.


Can you really blame her, Mimi? She’s been down this road with you more times than she’d like to remember.

Scrappy had an asthma attack that nearly scared him to death. Momma Dee is not happy when she finds out Erica went to work instead of staying with her son. “She want me to do something, I do it. When it’s up to her and I need her to do something she put work first,” Scrappy lamented.


Since Momma Dee was already rooting for Shay “Buckey” Johnson (that name has quite a ring to it) this was just the ammo Momma Dee needed to persuade her son to leave Erica for good.

At the spa K.Michelle tells Mimi Stevie J’s not going to “react too good” to having to come get his belongings packed in boxes. “I didn’t react too good about him getting the next one pregnant,” Mimi retorted. To add fuel to Mimi’s I’m-packing-his-stuff-party, she says Joseline has been sending her threatening texts. Yet Mimi doesn’t understand why Joseline is so mad when she’s the side chick. K.Michelle has Karlie Redd on the brain because she’s sick of the drama. “I am over Karlie,” K.Michelle says as she raises from her massage chair. “She’s too old for this. Senior citizens should not act like that.” K.Michelle gives Mimi the go ahead to set up a sit-down between the two. But K.Michelle warns that if she starts having flash backs of everything this woman has done, everybody needs to clear the room.

Shay hasn’t seen Scrappy since he was released from the hospital. While Erica believes she’s in a relationship with him, Shay is also under the impression Scrappy’s girlfriend. “What’s the extent of y’all relationship right now?”she asks. “Baby mama, baby daddy, you feel me?” he responds. Oh, really. Is that what Erica thinks?

Karlie Redd meets with Stevie J to plead her case as to why he should work with her, but Stevie hasn’t forgotten about Karlie stirring the pot between the him and Mimi. But since she’s managed by Cash Money he’s willing to put their differences to the side. It’s all about the Benjamins, baby. While Karlie is auditioning for Stevie, Joseline walks in irritated to see Karlie there. Not only will Stevie be working with Karlie, he wants the two to do a song together. “What is the good business of me doing a song with a 40 year old that really is not doing what I’m doing?” Joseline snaps. Joseline is not impressed by who she’s managed by. “Who is she? She can be with them,”she replies. “Why she don’t go do a song with Nicki Minaj? Ain’t she down with Cash Money? Why she gotta do a song with me?” She eventually agrees to do one song with her because it’s for Stevie J, but not without letting him know she’s ticked. And after Stevie’s had enough he puts his foot down, “Life ain’t fair. Chalk it up as business. Let’s do what the f— we gotta do and keep it moving. You understand what I’m saying? And that’s that.” Then he tells her to “come on, come here” like he’s her Dad.

Momma Dee talks to Erica woman-to-woman about leaving her son during his asthma attack. What starts off as a calm conversation about how the couple are doing turns into an intense interaction. Momma Dee tells Erica at the hospital Scrappy put the doctor and friends out of the room just to pull her to the side to vent about Erica abandoning him. In Erica’s eyes she didn’t do anything he hasn’t done to her. Erica says when she lost their first child he left her too. “You don’t get it. When you love somebody boo, you don’t leave them,” Momma Dee says. “You don’t check me, boo,” Erica responds. “I’m not your child,” Erica warns her. “You left him for dead. You left him for dead. You left him for dead. You left my child for dead!” Momma Dee yells.

Scrappy invites Erica to lunch to break up with her. Of course he doesn’t spill the tea about his new beau Shay, instead he blames her for not having any emotions and abandoning him. And she makes a good point that he did get drunk the night before, he has asthma attacks all the time and she still has to go to work to support their daughter. She questions him about why he’s come back off and on for 10 years if she’s so emotionless like he claims. Scrappy storms off. We’re guessing that wasn’t a good time to tell her about his new girlfriend best friend Shay.

Mimi drops off Stevie’s boxes. Literally. “I’ve been on some reckless sh–,”Stevie admits. “But it doesn’t take away from the fact I still love you.” Mimi accuses Stevie of spending more time with Joseline than he does his own daughter. Of course he says it’s all business.


“You do way more than just work with her. You manage her, you manage her f—in’ pussy, her a— and everything under the f—in’ sun,” she said. Whoa. That’s a whole lot of managing. It doesn’t take long for Stevie’s natural charm to come out and he tries to kiss Mimi. Mimi has a moment of vulnerability, but quickly pulls it together. She leaves and on her way she rolls over his clothes.

Read about all the other drama at VH1 Video Coming soon!!!!  (CLICK HERE)

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