Watch : Love & Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 4 #LHHATL


In last night episode Mimi meets up with her girls Ariane and K.Michelle to tell them about the latest development in her life. That would be the baby that’s developing inside of Joseline that belongs to Stevie.

When Mimi tells them that Joseline was up in her face about it, Mimi wonders “What the f— are you mad about? B—h, you pregnant by my dude!” and then tells them about how Stevie showed up waving the pregnancy test around.

“That is piss on a stick!” K.Michelle says, disgusted. Mimi is disgusted too, and she’s had enough of the relationship. “I’m all about moving forward…I don’t want to do this anymore,” Mimi says and all the other drama below.

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  1. Last night was NUTS! Twitter was on over load with all this drama. I call it my Soap Opera Twitter Session of Loveandhiphopatl. Its just pure drama and comedy.

    Its no way that this is just not a soap opera of ATL

    I cant deal with StevieJ…when he looks at this I wonder what is he really thinking…

    Damn I look stupid I hope…but I pray for all these woman. Dreams…reach them!

  2. All of these women look extra masculine except for K Michelle and Rasheeda. Stevie J love him some strippers, Eve formerly and Joseline. I guess that is his recipe for success.

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  4. I definitely wanted to see the fight between Scrappy and Stevie so I didn’t want to miss this show. I had to work late at Dish so I had my Hopper record this episode for me. Joseline had no business opening her mouth about something she had no idea what was going on.


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