WATCH : Michelle Obama Speaks at Democratic National Convention


The homies over at HipHopEnquirer report First Lady Michelle Obama addressed crowds at Time Warner Cable Arena on the opening night of the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Delegates from all over the country expressed appreciation and respect for the First Lady, admiring her as a wife, mother, and for her role as First Lady in addressing key issues such as childhood obesity. “I think she has been perfect as First Lady,” said Maryland Delegate Jessy Mejia. “She couldn’t have been a more excellent role model for minority women.”

The YBF reports President Obama’s team posted a photo of him with his two girls, Sasha & Malia, cheering on mom.  These girls are growing up to be so gorgeous.  Looks like somebody’s going to have a couple problems on his hands soon.  By the way, today (Tuesday) was Malia’s first day of high school!

Delegates at the convention also believe the First Lady can speak to President Barack Obama’s successes in the past four years better than anyone else. “I’m looking forward to the first lady really touting our President’s accomplishments,” said Heather Steinmiller, a delegate from Pennsylvania. “He’s an amazing President, who ran at a very difficult time, and he is a great leader.”

Steinmiller also spoke of her admiration for the First Lady herself. “I find her inspiring because she is very educated, a female lawyer, worked for a major law firm in Chicago, but she has also taken the role of First Lady and highlighted an important issue that is an epidemic in our country with childhood obesity. “

What are you looking forward to most about the First Lady’s speech? Let us know by Tweeting@DemConvention using hashtag #DNC2012

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