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WATCH: Nicki Minaj’s Reaction To Ellen DeGeneres’ Remake To “Anaconda!”

Ellen & Nicki Minaj

Ellen DeGeneres presented a gift to her guest, Nicki Minaj, when she brought her on her show! The TV show host showed the “Pink Print” artist the parody she did to her hit “Anaconda!” But how did the Young Money rapper react???

Check out the details below!

On Wednesday, Ellen DeGeneres had a very special guest on her show. It was none other than Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj. Ms. Minaj has made a buzz lately with her features on various artists’ singles and her latest hit “Anaconda.” Therefore, it was no surprise that the daytime TV show host brought Minaj on!

This episode proved that it would be very special one! The day before DeGeneres showed off her parody of “Anaconda” to her audience members. Of course the crowd went WILD! It was hilarious listening to DeGeneres talk about how she could have possibly “popped a booty muscle or something.”

Check out Ellen DeGeneres’  Version of “Anaconda”:

Now, the crowd loved it, but how would the MC react? Well, DeGeneres brought Minaj on the next day and what happens next is PRICELESS!

Watch Nicki Minaj’s reaction: 

I mean who would not love seeing DeGeneres in an acid washed jean shorts and attempting to twerk to your video? I know I would want too! What are your thoughts on Ellen DeGeneres’ version? Comment below.

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