WATCH: Season 2 of BET’s “Frankie & Neffe”


I recently had the opportunity to catch up Neffie Pugh as she celebrated the premiere of season 2 of her fun BET show “Frankie & Neffe”. Neffe wants fans of the show to know that season two is going to be epic. The family have reunited with Keyshia Cole and things seem to be on the mend for the family. I invite you to check out episode 2 tonight!

Check out the details below.
Keyshia Cole spent the last few years blocking the filming of a new season of ‘Frankie & Neffe’ she finally loosened her grip after recently squashing her beef with her family and allowed the new season to jump off. On the Season 2 premiere things pick up where ‘Keyshia Cole: All In’ left off as Frankie and Elite meet up Neffe to peep out some new digs and put some old animosities to bed. On the premiere episode of “Franki & Neffie” Frankie, Neffe and Elite meet at Neffe’s to see the couple’s new house and do some family healing. Things are moving in the right direction for the family thanks to having a new home and a new start but will they continue to allow drama to get in the way of their happiness? This season is sure to be full of ups and downs as the family tackle dealing with life, fame, family, and overcoming drama. Episode 1 was off the chain!

Will you be tuning in tonight for episode 2?


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