Watch : Single Ladies, Season 2 Episode 1 Show Recap

 I know Lisa Raye is some were telling Stacey Dash to kiss her A$$…. LOL  .. VH1’s Single Ladies second season began with a new character, and some new drama!  Check out the recap from VH1 and fell show episode below! 

Per VH1

Before we do anything else, let’s meet Raquel:

We’re introduced to Raquel mid-tango. She’s insanely beautiful, insanely talented (just look at that footwork), newly engaged to Victor, a doctor, and she’s successful at work. On paper, she’s perfect and it would be obnoxious if she weren’t so sweet to boot.

Raquel and Keisha are lifelong friends, they go way back, but haven’t seen one another in years, and when they see one another they can’t be happier. Keisha has a sixth sense though and can tell that something’s amiss with Raquel. This is not the girl she knew from their days back in Inglewood, this Raquel is polished and perfect, and it clearly shows the influence that her mother has had on her. Victor is smart, rich, and he’ll be a great dad, Raquel tells Keisha. “What more could I ask for in a man?” “How ’bout a reason to change your panties?” Keisha deadpans.

Raquel does need to change her outfit, for a family photo not for reasons any filthier than that, and when she goes up to her room to slip into anther dress, she sees Victor screwing someone else. Devastated, she walks away, and when she and Victor take the stage to announce their engagement, she shakes things up a bit, telling the crowd “While we were all down here celebrating, my proud fiance was upstairs screwing another woman.” Gasp.

“There is nothing you could say now that could ever make me marry you,” Raquel tells Victor, the crowd, and all of us. No one is more disappointed by this turn of events than her oh-so-proper mother, who is almost literally clutching her pearls. Raquel takes her engagement ring and throws it into the air, and Keisha catches the ring, telling her “Oh no. You earned this bitch. Let’s go.”

Welcome to the world of Single Ladies, Raquel.

Back at the party, we weren’t just focused on Raquel’s life changing breakup. There was a lot of back story going on, first with April, who entered the ball with Keisha, but her newly-single instincts kick in and she goes into flirt mode with a random, but presumable wealthy, stranger. She explains to him that she left her record label and is now doing club promotions which catches us up nicely on her career, but she spots Jerry, the man who proposed to Val and left us all wondering what happens when the man you really love finds you in a bedsheet, at the door, feet away from the man you once loved and just screwed.

Together they tango, and April begs Jerry to give Val a second chance. Oh yeah, hey, where’s Val? In Milan. And she’s never coming back. More on that later.

Keisha cuts in on April and Jerry’s dance to also beg for Val’s forgiveness and another second chance. Jerry’s mind is made up, there’s no room in his heart for Valerie, and that’s that. Which leaves a nice opening for Agent Winston to cut in and tell Keisha he’s been searching for Malcolm, who’s been on the run. “This is a friendly warning. If you don’t tell the FBI where Malcolm is, we’re going to start looking into your background.”

The next day, after Raquel has spent the night at Keisha’s apartment, Keisha tells her she’s glad she realized that Victor was no good. “Sleeping Beauty finally woke up,” she says. “Isn’t she supposed to be awakened by a kiss? Not by finding her fiance plowing another woman?” Touche.

Keisha catches Raquel up on the Malcolm/FBI situation and tells her she hasn’t heard from Malcolm for two weeks. “For all I know he could be somewhere curled up with his ex wife,” Keisha says. She’s hurt, but she’s been tasked with managing V, Val’s boutique, while Val hides out in Milan, so at least she’s being kept busy. And she’ll be busier now that she’s found out that Val is not coming back, ever, to Atlanta and she plans to sell the store. Omar, whose livelihood is directly affected by this, is tormented. “Whyyyyyyy?” he screams.

“We’re gonna be all right,” Keisha assures them all. Later at the store, they hold a memorial service for Val, featuring one of her signature dresses, and they pour some champagne out onto it for their fallen homie.

Speaking of things getting wet, April falls asleep on the couch at V, only to wake up and realize she’s been having erotic dreams about mystery men because she’s really hard up in the love department. Meanwhile, Kesha gets a special delivery at the store, which starts to ring when it arrives.

Inside the gift basket is a phone, with Malcolm on the other end of the line. Up to this point, Malcolm’s kept Keisha in the dark about all his personal business, so when they meet, her first order of business is to make him her coat rack.

But all that seems to come easily to Raquel, despite her newly single status. She’s invited out for tea by Leonardo, a photographer with an intriguing accent, and ends up posing seductively for him. We knew she had a naughty side…

At April’s first big club gig, everything seems to be going great for her, she’s landed Big Boi to perform, but as soon as he starts playing, the fun ends for Keisha, who’s handcuffed by Agent Winston who tells her she’s under arrest for tax evasion.

Shout out to VH1 for the Big Boi appearance on Single Ladies!!!!  Read more on VH1 …

Make sure yall tell me if you still will be watch the show, or if you are not feeling it anymore?

5 responses to “Watch : Single Ladies, Season 2 Episode 1 Show Recap”

  1. vision says:

    I like lisa raye mccoy but bottom line she cannot act. Everything she has done as far as acting is the same. She need to take acting classes to be more versatile. The only thing missing with her since players club is the stripper pole.

  2. anon says:

    I loved your recap on Single ladies season 2. I had to work on Monday but I was able to watch the show later on my Hopper. If it wasn’t for my DVR I would be left out in the dark not knowing what happened on Single Ladies well besides your recap. I feel Denise is pretty but I think she is trying too hard. I had high hopes for the show, the chemistry is off. I will still continue to watch it regardless of the bad acting.

  3. Bliss says:

    OMG!! I agree with “VISION”!! Lisa Raye’s acting is horrible but was withstanding. With the new cast Lisa Raye’s non acting is modified because the others are weak as well. Even the foreign exchange student brought a little something to the show and now she is gone. I really loved the old show or Season !. Season 2 has alot of mad actors and the new girl is no better.

  4. faith says:

    i like the show. television really does not have anything on now of days, but gossip and worldly events. i do believe the show can be better, but since they have my future husband, db woodside, on there they have my vote. db, u look extremely sexy with or without a shirt

  5. dakota says:

    db, i am head over hills in love with u. i would not be in love with show if u wasn’t on it. keep looking good.

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