We Hope These Aren’t Your Kids!


bad kids
This is the very reason you should donate to FreddyO Foundation! We are trying to save our future. If you can’t donate, please mentor kids. These little kids are talking about shooting up people and smoking “paper”… wth? We have to do something about this. Whoever recorded this should be slapped. The sad part is I have to deal with kids like this every other day– and get paid dust! This isn’t cute. What do you all think about this?-Courtney L.


  1. these kids are learning the wrong thing. parents think its cute and funny. bet it wont be funny when someone ends up dead or hurt. they should be ashamed of themselves i mean the adults. they have no class and are very ghetto the sad thing is they are training these kids that if they are not in school yet should be at home reading, playing with toysor just being kids. this is so sad.

  2. Where are there parents at these kids are bad as hell they need to be in school and need they assed kick badly I see kids like this every day and it don’t make no sence that terrible some these parents don’t give a dam cause they on drugs or doing worse this is really sad disturb.


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