Webbie Shames Sons on Internet After Catching Them In Bed With Girl


Webbie isn’t down for his teenage sons having sex under his roof, a fact his kids definitely know now if they didn’t before because their dad fully shamed them on the Internet.

The Louisiana rapper says he busted his 2 kids, a male friend, and a female friend all in bed — and then proceeded to conduct an interrogation live on his social media. Webbie repeatedly tells the kids, “You f**ked up!!” When one of the kids, not his, tried to leave he yelled, “Don’t get to running. Don’t run out this motherf*****!”

Webbie panned his camera around the room showing all the kids’ faces we blurred them for this post. He verbally dressed down the girl too, for being in the bed, saying … “Girl, that’s crazier than a motherf*****. You better stop.” It’s unclear if Webbie ever got a hold of any of the parents.

The obvious question is he parent of the year or an angry dad who went too far?


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