Wendy Williams BLASTS #LHHATL’s Rasheeda and Kirk’s Relationship



Wendy Williams BLASTS Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Rasheeda and Kirk Frost for being frauds.
Check it out after the break.
FAST FORWARD TO 8:15 to see what Wendy has to say about Rasheeda and Kirk:

It appears the world seems to think that Rasheeda and Kirk are pretending in front of the camera. Kirk’s blatant disrespect has left a taste in everybody’s mouth not just Nicki Minaji.

Wendy Williams has a lot to say about the “disgruntled” couple.

Check out what Wendy had to say below,

First of all Rasheeda, you and Kirk are ratchet for drumming up this story  line, right here. Okay? Cuz you know what you’re  doing, cuz Stevie and  my Puerto Rican princess, Joseline, were the popular couple.  And you and your husband, or whatever you wanna call that animal, you all did  this as a plot to get popular on that show. It’s a shame what ppl will do to  stay on this reality tv. This is worse than the Kardashians. This is got to be  thee most ratchet [of] all reality shows on tv. It is disgusting but I can not  stop watching. Let me just say this. None of you’ll call, I don’t want you to  come on the show. It’s just that I do watch, but you’re not suitable guest(s)  for the show, except for you my Puerto ricin princess Joseline, but I can’t  really understand what she says so we’ll do the closed captioning.

Wendy is so silly talking about Joseline Hernandez and the closed captioning. Wendy thinks the story line is fake. But to say it makes her embarrassed to be black made us pump our breaks. We think the big boss homie Mona Scott has slipped Wendy a check to have such views about Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Wendy never had an opinion before and now all of a sudden it’s the most ratchet thing she has ever seen. LOL!

Wendy this show is no more ratchet than the other stuff that makes our eyes bleed on the regular.

In defense of my homies Rasheeda and Kirk they are no more ratchet than the rest……..Kirk is kinda grimmy but hey that sells!

Do you think about Wendy’s thoughts on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

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  1. Its as real as Wendy’s husband’s fling with crossdrssers. Wendy have a seat losen ur wig.

  2. Hey i feel Wendy!! Somethings money shouldn’t buy & its def marriage! When you stand before GOD and take those vows they are suppose to be sacred. Yes I know people are human and were not to judge but come on the chick kirk slept with even admitted it was all for a check on twitter!! So messy…

  3. Why in the Hell would you “only” welcome Jocelyn Hernandez to OUR show, co-host on deck (a former prostitute and porn star), and nobody else from Love and Hip Hop? I have a problem with this because Jocelyn has been the most “ghetto” of the cast from the jump and will “set it off” and quickly! We all hear Jocelyn identify herself on the show as the Puerto Rican Princess. That is fine : – ) ” Now, why you Wendy, separate her as the Puerto Rican Princess (prior to U.S Territory) and everyone else is just “black” as in color or an expected behavior, I’m sure I don’t know. There are kinks underneath that weave Jocelyn wears. What bothers me about being an American who is Black or a person of color, is that if you are Black in any other country or Latin communities, you are identified by the nationality or culture. Alot of my Black Latin Sisters are plagued with an identity crisis and hold on to the self-hatred of claiming every admixture and genotype under the sun, before they will say they are “BLACK” , meaning a person of color with African Lineage. People of color got dropped off at different ports across the world during the transatlantic slave voyages Wendy. Ghetto is Ghetto Wendy, and currently supersedes all color lines/races, no matter what flavor of “black” you want to label it as. Although, Jocelyn may be an admixture of Indigenous Taino, African and Euro-Spaniard, when you look at her phenotype she is still perceived as “black” by “white” America, no matter what culture or race she may want to identify with, just like Blacks, here in North America that have been here, “swirly” and all Wendy. White America still sees us all as “black” no matter what mixture we may be. Dressing it up with an “exotic” flavor only perpetuates the stereo types and stigmas we “people of color” face today. Love and Hip Hop is addictive! While the plots may be “RATCHET” on many tragic levels, it is HIGHLY entertaining and the whole cast is on top of their character roles! That’s show biz Wendy! The behavior of the cast of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta does not define who I am. What, do you think the “North American” “blacks” from the cast are going to argue with you, beat you up, ….tear up the set if you invited “them” ? They all signed up to entertain the public, for exposure and to make money. The perfect platform of YOUR show. The people who are ignorant enough to believe all people of color interact that way, you couldn’t convince them otherwise. “It’s not your job!” You are an Entertainer. In a one on one setting, “them blacks folks” would remain civil and carry intelligible dialogue in coherent succession Wendy. Don’t openly discriminate against your own people Wendy! Not a good look. You should have kept your shameful secret to yourself. Shaking my Head Wendy, you have lost some cool points for that!

  4. Come on now Wendy when u started out u were ghetto…”how u doin”in my Wendy voice got u hot…now u got all kind of celebs on ur show and u too good now…reality check don’t forget where u come frm

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