[VIDEO] Wendy Williams Tells Porsha Stewart She’s Acting ‘Less Than Smart’


Wendy-Williams-Porsha-Stewart-Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart went on The Wendy Williams Show today and hinted big-time that her ex-husband Kordell Stewart may be on the down low…
steelers-stewartA popular urban legend in the NFL is that Kordell Stewart was once caught in a compromising position in a park frequented by gay men while he was playing quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers

Today on the Wendy Williams Show Wendy asked Porsha if she ever asked Kordell about the gay rumors and Porsha replied,

“I didn’t know who he was. I didn’t know that he was a football player because he retired, so I didn’t know about him…Until he came to a family event and my uncle was taking pictures so I found out [about the gay rumors] at that point.“

“A couple of family events later on I just kept hearing so much about it so I said, ‘let me ask him,’ because there’s no way I can move to the next step without talking to him about it.“

“He was very detailed about the whole situation and at the end of [his explanation] he basically said that there was no record of it… so I guess it can’t be true because there was no record. Take what you want from it, that’s what he said… “


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