Whitney Houston Goes Off At Airport For Having To Wait



The homies over at Bossip.com are reporting that Whitney Houston is back to her diva ways. She recently threw a fit when her Benz limo took a whole extra two minutes to pick her up from the airport.

Apparently when Diva Houston arrived at Brisbane, Australia Airport the last thing she wanted to do was wait for her ride. Apparently she gave fellow travelers an earful by yelling “This is bullsh*t” while waiting impatiently.
When a man close by told Whitney she should take off her sunglasses and enjoy the beautiful morning she responded “mind your fu**ing business.”


  1. That crack bitch she on that shit 2 minutes come on girl!!!!!!!!! what is her deal she aint no diva shes a crack hoe do she ever learn people been dogging her for years. get a grip stop push crack. it kills


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