Whitney Houston: “I’m Feeling Great”



R&B superstar Whitney Houston is returning to good health. The singer was forced to cancel her European concert dates over an upper-respiratory infection earlier this week. She tells People.com, quote, “I’m feeling great. I’m just ready to move on and continue my world tour.” Houston was hospitalized earlier this week in Paris, just ahead of her Tuesday night concert at Bercy Palace, which was postponed. But the singer doesn’t want fans to worry. She says, quote, “My health is terrific. But this is a time when I get a lot of allergies.” With the first dates of her European tour already rescheduled, Houston is now set to begin her tour there on Tuesday, April 13th in Birmingham, England.

Houston says any reports of her having gone into a downward drug spiral are “ridiculous” and that she doesn’t even respond to those kinds of reports anymore.


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