Whitney Houston said to be DYING


On the heels of sub par and canceled live performances, Whitney Houston now has a much more serious low to battle — emphysema. According to the National Enquirer, doctors informed the singer that she is suffering from early stages of the lung disease, an obvious culprit to Houston’s poorly received vocal performances, as of late.

“She’s developed emphysema — and her doctors are warning her she’ll die a horrible death,” a friend of the singer told the Enquirer.

Medical professionals have also told Houston, 47, that if she does not completely kick her smoking habit there is no doubt that the disease will take her life. But Houston isn’t so keen on ditching the cigs, and the task of weening the ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’ singer off of her crutch has fallen to 18-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina — who, fresh off a stint in rehab, is recovering from her own substance addictions.

In early April, Houston canceled several of her European tour shows due to a respiratory infection. The tour was initially conceived to promote Houston’s 2009 comeback album, ‘I Look To You’ — her first album in seven years. We hope that Houston will look to her daughter before she puts herself six feet under. We are praying for Whitney and wish her a speedy recovery.

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  1. This is some BULLSHIT for one its THe NATIONAL enquiror

    Yaull believe that shit ….SMDH
    some of this is true but not all of it I kno bobbi Kris i talk to her and this is some bulllshit

  2. This is the same national enquirer that said she was dying of a brain tumour about 4 or 5 years ago and the same tabloid that said she was going to dye by the end of 2010 , ok yeah right.

    you guys slow, her pr company than denied this and said it wasn’t true

  3. Admit she is on drugs, but i dont think its as worst has the news is going round. We all make mistakes in our lifes, just bcos she is a celeb ppl expect more than enough from her & want to pull her down. Anyway all i can say now is God should pls look onto Whitney & give her divine intervention. I will always love you Whitney. U R A ROLE MODEL.

  4. RIP to whitney only the good die young,it was such a surprise to hear of her passing,,but really all of each and everyone of us are sinners, i know that the press will try to, or drag her name to the ground, but always remember before you do that, THOSE WITH OUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE, DONT JUDGE HER SHE IS GONE RESPECT HER AND HER FAMILY…………..


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