Whitney Houston Takes Over Japan


Whitney Houston is on tour and loving the stage in new photos from a recent show in Japan. As reported earlier this year, the diva has embarked on the “Nothing But Love” tour, which will make rounds through much of Europe and Asia by April. The tour is also Houston’s first world tour in over five years. I cant wait till she comes to the ATL. Ms. Houston hit the stage in Saitama, Japan yesterday. Shot out to TheYBF.com for the Pic’s.

Listen To her sing “I  Will Always Love You” and tell me, do YOU think she still has it?

Here is video of her first TV performance :

10 responses to “Whitney Houston Takes Over Japan”

  1. george says:

    She did ok with I WALY- I can hear her voice coming back from that disastrous appearance at GMA. However, i heard a clip of her singing Saving All My love and Greatest Love of All and she kilt it- high notes and all so good for her.

    she looks great too!

  2. mark says:

    Freddy O , now u wrong for comparing Whitney at 19 singing at age 46- no one will sound the same. I heard some other clips and she is on her way. She was smart to start overseas, by the time she gets here, her voice will have improved anymore.

    I’m so happy to hear her use her head voice again and hit those notes. she just needs to work on her chest voice and transitioning.

    One thing I love about Whitney is ability to emote and express herself while singing. You can’ t learn that skill, that’s inherent. BTW, she looks happy and oh yeah, She could get it! lol

  3. keith says:

    glad I saw the video! wont be paying to go see her!

  4. Kadeja says:

    Yeah Whitney aint sanging like she use to :-/ but she gon get there again–maybe it was just too hot *kanye shrug*

  5. prettyfaceAKA says:

    Whitney Houston needs to shut the fucc up…as much as I used to like her back in the day…she has no dignity…I just viewed Jennifer Hudson on Youtube singing “And I am telling you”…babygurl sang circles around Whitney Houston’s dayum arse…and to think Clive thought he had a prodigy of some sorts back in the day…I am for a person going out on top…don’t keep getting back in the game just because you fucc’d up your money and need ends…she needs to donate her skills to some impoverished school in New Jersey that needs a music teacher/director/mentor…that’s all these hair and a prayer celebrities want to do is fucc up their coin then use your skrill to support them having a “comeback” or getting on top…fucc that…

  6. wayno says:


  7. Alex says:

    I believe Whitney is really back her performance and singing are still amazing comparing to the crap music and singers around the world that when are live they just lyps or shake their backs only. I admire Whitney, people that like her they dont just like her because of her music but also the emotions and feelings that she si able to transmit thru her music.
    I will always buy her tickets, such a honor to stand infront of her.
    To those that just talk about her in a such bad way, why do you keep listening to her if you do not like her, you are just haters.

  8. MustBeTrue says:

    I’m going to be nice as possible…. she needs lipsinc as much as possible when ever possible. It’s gone Whit…it just gone.

  9. Matt Carey says:

    Note to self: remember this blog.

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