Whitney’s Australian Fans Are Pissed Off After Hearing Her Poor Off Key Vocals


Whitney’s Australian fans are pissed off after the diva did what some are calling the worst performance they have ever seen. Whitney who could not hit any of her notes had ticket goers demanding there money back. Ticket goers tickets started at $100.00 and went up to $270.00 for front row seats were hurt that the diva who was out of breath, and off key was not entertaining at all. Some of her fans even said on twitter that she had lost all of her talent and vocal skills…. Damn Whitney I was hoping she still had it. One even said:

“She could even entertain a dead rat”


  1. I saw other clips from the concert and they were great! It’s funny how a few ppl take their bad review and spread it, but don’t talk about the good. There were over 10,000 ppl there and maybe 10 were unhappy…too bad! here is a great performance from that same concert that people “allegedly” walked out on. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZNyXYbkQrY

  2. Actually, Whit’s concert promoter came out and defended her. The arena had 9500 people and out of that a small minority walked out (can’t expect BG vocals, she’s a different performer now). But she did get a standing ovation from 9K people. Also, folks that went to the concert tweeted they had no idea why she got such bad press because they loved, loved, loved the show.

    Get it, Whit.

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