Whoopi & Joy Fight With Bill O’Reilly, Then Walk Off The Set Of The View


Whoopi & Joy Fight With Bill O'Reilly5

I am so glad that Whoopi and Joy have a back bone!!! Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar got so angry with on todays episode of “The View” that featured Bill O’Reilly. The topic was Obama and 9/11, while discussing the Ground Zero mosque Whoopi and Joy who were so sick of O’Reilly’s over opinionated ego both got up and walked off the set. Although the two later returned after Bill apologized it made for great TV. I saw on twitter that people were saying that they should not have walked off the show and you can tell Barbra Walters was very up set. Do yall think it was ok for them to walk off the show while they were taping live? Here’s the video please tell me what you think?


  1. this blatant white racist is sitting on tv and radio making millions of dollars talking crap about us. N theres nothing we can do about it…if it were reversed n he was a black degrading white people that way he would lose everything he owned n been blackballed from the industry…point blank period!! He is a modern day KKK who shows it every time he opens his mouth.I cannot stand this man!!! he makes my blood boil!

  2. i watch this show today. And i felt there anger. Whoopi was about to go off. It was about to get out of control. I think the best thing, was for them to walk off. 2 cool down a bit. Bill is an asshole. Whoopi brought up a good point. Timothy McVeigh . He 2 was a terrorist/extremist . We dont go around persecuting everyone with his religous beliefs. This horrible act by a group of cowards do not make it right to blacksheep there entire culture/reglion. its racist/prejudice and should not be tolerated…….

  3. Ugh im so sick of all these racist ass white ppl its not even funny get over Obama is president and hes gonna be for a couple more years frm now and your racist comments wont make him white so shut tha fuck up.

  4. While I DO NOT WHAT-SO-EVER agreed with Bill O’Reilly, I do agree that it was very unprofessional of both Joy and Whoopi to walk off set like that. When or if u decide to become a broadcast journalist then ppl are not always going to agree with your opinions/beliefs BUT it is up to you to continue in a professional manner and finish the interview. By walking “off set” Joy/Whoopi just demonistrated there unprofessionalism and intolerance. I would have been mad to if I was Barbara.

  5. Good for Joy and Whoopi. Bill O’Reilly is a racist and thinks he’s knows it all. You shouldn’t stereotype a group of people, all Muslims didn’t cause 9/11, extremist did. Get it right Bill!

  6. I think it WAS right for Whoopi and Joy to walk off because Bill O crossed the line there and it was a strong statement of their disagreement. To just sit there and keep arguing would’ve minimized the outrageousness of his statement, and subtly made it acceptable. This is why we as a society are declining: we condone more and more bad behavior–from our “celebrities,” from the media, from our kids. We are getting more stupid, more easily influenced by these bigots who appeal to our innate selfishness and fearfulness.

    Frankly I’m glad I have only one child who will probably never give me grandkids (she’s disabled), because I don’t like the way selfish, stupid, fearful people in this country (O’Reilly, Beck, Lindbaugh, etc.) are taking it over, rather than the kind, intelligent, fearless people.


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