1. I think a lot of so called successful Black woman can’t find a man!
    Stop telling all your Bussiness, remember the old saying you can’t turn a Ho-To a house
    wife. Start out like you want to end up.

    I think a lot of so called successful Black woman don’t what a good man is.

  2. You should do a grammar and spell check before you post anything. You sound ignorant. Please, if you are going to hate on successful Black women, try being one first. Please understand that unlike you, we want a man that can bring to the table what we bring. And in addition, you are probably one of the women that walk around looking like a fool attempting to get a man with money. That is why you feel that we don’t know what a good man is. Anything that I want to purchase, I can do for myself so this man has to stimulate us a little different than a woman like you. A man that has dreams and aspirations, believes in God, has a desire to succeed and can keep me mentally and physically interested, is a good start. Make your own money and when you are done… Join an English class…dumb azz!.


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