Rumor: Will And Jada Pinkett Smith Getting Divorced


The rumor mill has started up again and it seems to have taken aim at the one of Hollywood’s black super families. InTouch Weekly is reporting that Will and Jada are separated. Now we gotta be cautious with this one, so as for now it is only a RUMOR. We’ve seen no papers, no documents, not even an angry picture.

I’ll let you know when I know a little more. And lets hope they stay together. They are like black royalty.

The couple have two kids together, Willow and Jaden, and Will has a son Trey from a previous marriage.

Update: While the rumors are flying, it appears Will Smith was enjoying himself in Miami last night at Prime 112 steakhouse with an entourage of about 10. Wyclef Jean, Flo Rida and Brian McKnight were amongst his dining crew.


  1. NO WAY!!! I think it’s just a rumor at least I hope so. I think they are a powerful understanding couple and they for many years has kept us out of their personal lives and I think we should stay out of their business and pray that this is not true.

  2. I hope not…. but i have heard they be having sex in a room full of like 20 men and 45 women and f*cking each other (Yes men on men)


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