Will Packer and Rob Hardy at ABFF – Miami “Think Like a Man” Crown Royal Panel Party


Will Packer and Rob Hardy- Founders of Rain Forrest Films (Think Like a Man) Panel Discussion

I can think of almost 101 million reasons Will Packer and Rob Hardy have to celebrate tonight. 1 of them is definitely the Miami Heat win. The other is nearing the 100 million dollar box office receipts according to Box Office Mojo .

Look at who we ran into

Will Packer and actress Mari Morrow (she is really making her rounds at ABFF)

Terrance J and Mari Morrow

Rob Hardy (Co-Founder) Rain Forrest Film/ Director and Jonell Whitt(PR) – Atlanta Publicist

Actor Brad James and actress Jasmine Lewis

Mari Morrow (Promoting AL Nuke’s (on right) New Movie) “Birds of a Feather” coming out on Sept 11th, 2012

Will Packer and Rob Hardy pack the house for the panel discussion at ABFF




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