Winston Bennett Says I Gave My Wife 2 STDs, But If She Cheats I Am Leaving”


I really dont know what to say after watching this video of Ex-NBA Player Winston Bennett On His 20 Years Of Sex Addiction! (4 Diff Women Per Day, 90 Women Per Month…sounds like a prescription for that “slow death”. “I Gave My Wife 2 STDs, but if she cheats I am leaving”. This is some bull. Not only is this a Double Standard… doesn’t Bennett understand that he entered a Covenant with God?  Marriae just DOESN’T seem as sacred as it once was. What do ya’ll think? But who are we to judge…  May God be with them.


  1. That ugly ho wife been cheating on his stupid ass thats how she was able to stay and thats why she laughed when she was told what he said about leaving her if she cheated. I hate ooogly, sneaky, fake, pathetic “victims” like that!!!

  2. Low self-esteem having ass dark skinned chick that thinks she cant find no body else always wanting to blame it on God why they stay with a dog. When its really their insecurities, that bitch will never leave it will take him to leave her dusty ass and he will soon as he finds someone that he wants. And what the fuc happened with all the money- that cheap ass furniture looks cheap as hell. And ?- why the fuc is he telling this now- who the fuc cares- broke muthafucka!!!

  3. @MISSYPOO…..”Low self-esteem having ass dark skinned chick”…wtf does that have to do with anything…WTF do you look like. The only “rational” reason I see that she stayed for was for the money. Have you not been watching the news to see how alot of nasty suckas cheating on their spouses and the women still stay and I guarantee not all of them were dark skinned chicks. GTFOH!!

  4. Wow…watch a niccas and I bet he was fucking anythang!! Just nasty and we all know his wife stayed for “love” smh

  5. I agree with you miss200!! What tha fuck being dark skinned got to do with anything….Hell I happen to be dark skinned and is very confident and happy in my chocolate skin…..Money talks bullshit walks!!!


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