Wiz Khalifa Says He Spends About $10,000 A Month In Weed!!



(10/7/2010) Wiz Khalifa recently admitted that he spends about 10k a month on Mary Jane. I mean….thats either a lot of gonga, or expensive gonga. Actually, thats a combination of the two, and apparently on hell of a habit for Mr. Khalifa. The rising superstar has released footage of him on the Rock the Bells tour, and honestly, this guy remains high….all day long. Check out Wiz Khalifa below!!



  1. thats ashame when you got starving homeless people in this world or he can be saving that up for his kids, great grand kids, great great grand kids, his family always going to eat if he put the money up or start some businesses with it

  2. what a waste. he is addicted for sure. Tha’s rediculous. And Cush is not natural. it’s chemically grown, you idiot. it’s not straight herb, dumb azz.

  3. The stupidity in this alone has knocked me off my feet, 1st I dont believe him. 10 gs is very steap now 1g 0r 2 I understand. either way if your blowing that much money its time to stop.
    now its his money so he can waste it anyway he wants..but come on lil homey you aint gotta lie to kick it

  4. Ehhhh, im sure he’s absolutely fine with himself. Seems like he lives a pretty solid life, I feel bad for everyone who rags on him. Jealousy is a sad thing to see….

  5. YALL some bird ass niggas i spend like 5g on weeed a month fuck starving children i been smokeing weed all mother fuckin day hop off his dick holla


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