Wiz Khalifa Snubbed At Shoe Store After Spending Thousands


Wiz Khalifa and his girlfriend the beautiful Amber Rose went on a little shopping spree the other day at the high end department store Barney’s in. From the moment he walked in the store he immediately received what I like to call the “Katrina Devort” the stink eye from the movie Juno. He went on to buy his lady a pair of $16,000 shoe she like, you would think he would gain some some respect after dropping 16 stacks but to no surprise still treated like the average guy looking to get in some trouble.

Even if they didn’t recognize him, there’s not a face who doesn’t recognize Kanye West’s jump off the Amber Rose. So that should have given them an inclination that he was someone of importance or someone with money for all that matter.


  1. dats natalie “chin” nunn man too cuz she was wit him at a party and she suck his dick and fucked him like she did yung berg and chris brown so she da biggest groupie ho ever.

  2. They took one look at the nick and dissed him. When will black people realise that stores like that don’t want your money or you shopping in them. If he was Kanye it would be different because Kayne is not tatted up and dressed like a bum. Regardless of your money all they see is color, wake up black american.


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