Wiz Khalifa Suing For $1 Million For Cancelling His Concert



Rapper Wiz Khalifa is suing party promoters It’s My Party, Inc. for cancelling a concert of his at the last minute. Find out what has the rapper so pissed that he’d sue for a million dollars.

Apparently It’s My Party, Inc. cancelled Wiz Khalifa’s concert at George Mason University at the last minute. The company was supposed to pay him $85,000 plus a cut of the ticket sales. We’re a little foggy on what makes Wiz thinks he deserves to get a million dollars for but anyway…

The company says that they cancelled the concert because tickets sales were poor. They also claim that Wiz never signed a contract so they don’t feel that they owe him anything.

We’ll wait around to see how this one turns out.

Do you think Wiz deserves $1`million for a cancelled concert? Or is this number outrageous?


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