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Word on the Street Jamie Foxx is Married to Katie Holmes!!!!

I received an interesting picture of Jamie Foxx a couple days ago where he’s seen wearing a wedding band. I thought it was interesting but did not know what to do with it. Word on the street is that the comedian/singer/actor is married to Katie Holmes!

What is really going on these streets?

Check out the details below.

The good people over at JetSmarter, a private jet app to the stars, flew its latest A-Lister a few days ago –Jamie Foxx. Jamie arrived at the White Plains Airport via a helicopter transfer from New York City. Jamie Foxx is ever charming he was kicking it with the passengers in Atlanta as everyone board the plane. He even took this really cool picture showcasing his love for Jetsmarter.

We are all about product and service promotions but the gold band around his left finger seemed more interesting. In an effort not to start no mess; I just let it slide. Boy did I miss something big. Jamie Foxx is now a married man to actress Katie Holmes!

Word on the street the two are wearing matching bands. Could it be true they two have jumped the broom?

If so congrats to Mr and Mrs Jaime Foxx!

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